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I think Slumdog was my favorite of last year's films. But the Academy really screwed up IMHO. Films that should have been nominated for Best Picture that weren't: Dark Knight, Wall-E, In Bruges.

And this video should convince you that Benjamin Button isn't that great of a film. Just a film with some good performances. Not anything worth 13 nominations.

And if Tomei wins tonight and Winslet doesn't = Tomei - 2 Oscars, Winslet - 0 Oscars.

But I'll still watch tonight, if only for the dresses and to see how Jackman does as host.
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  • Canned cranberry sauce is a travesty. If I make can the recipe on the back, so can you.

  • I also don't understand putting marshmallows on sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are just fine with some butter and brown sugar.

  • I also could live without the green bean casserole. Overcooked green beans with deep fried onions. Pass.
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    Doing the things I need to do but don't like to do (find tax information, go to dentist) makes me feel better and takes a huge load off my if I just DID them instead of thinking about doing them.....I'd have a much happier life.


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