Aug. 17th, 2008 07:52 pm
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[ profile] bona and I had the privilege of spending a good part of the weekend with [ profile] costello1177 who is leaving Chicago in search of adventures in Madrid.

I just wanted to say I will miss her muchly.
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I've finally gone and started a library-related weblog Old Library Books, a tribute to some of the many books I'm weeding from the collection.

In other news, we've been back a couple weeks from a ballpark vacation which [personal profile] bona  describes in some detail here. We saw 6 ballgames in five parks (Comerica in Detroit, PNC in Pittsburgh, Camden in Baltimore, Great American in Cincinnati and Nationals Park in DC.

We had a great time on our trip, despite getting rained in during 5 of the 6 games. I think my favorite park we saw was PNC (and that was the game that was completely rained out!), too bad the Pirates play there :) We had pretty good seats for all the games. If you're looking for a pretty good but not horribly expensive seats, I'd recommend the upper deck behind home plate, you get a nice view of the park at a good discount.

We had only planned on seeing 5 games but decided to add a second game in Baltimore as it wasn't supposed to rain and there were lots of good seats available. (Orioles vs. Royals what do you expect) We treated ourselves to 7th row behind the visitors dugout seats, not cheap but available at the box office 7 hours before gametime. All in all, a good trip.
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AKA deb live blogs Wimbledon:

Naomi Cavaday (currently ranked 197) is in a 1st set tiebreak with Venus Williams.

Upset anyone?

edit: venus wins the first set.
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I got walked to our local farmer's market. It's just under a mile away. I got some oatmeal and raisin cookies, wheat bread, snap peas and asparagus. I think this needs to be a regular part of my Saturday morning this summer.

Tonight we go for fondue to celebrate our first anniversary, which is Monday.
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Bone Marrow Donor Registration is FREE until the 19th of May. And the registration doesn't hurt at all. Would you want a chance to save someone from death?

Donating bone marrow if you are a compatible donor for a person with lynphoma or other cancers can give them their best chance at survival.

The national bone marrow registry usually charges $50 to cover the typing of your tissue. You can register on line and they will send you a tissue typing sample kit to use at home. No blood draw or lab visit required. You just swab some of your cheek cells onto a special container and send it in. Then they test your DNA to see what your HLA profile is. That's biochemical information that is used to work out transplant compatibility. It's like blood type but a bit more complicated and involved.

You can go here to register:

It's free until the 19th. Free. Free. FREE.

This is very important, especially if you are non white or are of mixed ancestry. Those people and their HLA types are not currently well represented in the registry. Some people with cancer are dying for lack of a compatible donor.

text swiped from [ profile] wordweaverlynn
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In honor of Army PFC Shane D. Penley of Sauk Village.

more info here and here
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Over the Rhine to play the entirety of the Ohio album live in concert!*

*hint* if you're interested you might want to have a peek at their website. ;)
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Doing the things I need to do but don't like to do (find tax information, go to dentist) makes me feel better and takes a huge load off my if I just DID them instead of thinking about doing them.....I'd have a much happier life.
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Or will be soon depending where you are.

I really should post here more often. I enjoy the community here.

Now for a bit of a bombshell.

I've been pondering seminary/divinity school off and on for close to 15 years. I'm being led by God seek some wise counsel about how/if to go about it.

At this time, I seriously doubt I want to be ordained. Being ordained seemed like a good idea say 15 years ago but I've never felt a serious leading towards ordained ministry. (mostly because I realize how hard it is!)

I think my main reason is that my big professional/personal dream is to be a theological librarian and it would make it a whole lot easier if I had a seminary/divinity school degree. A lesser reason is that I need to focus my reading and need the accountability and structure of a classroom setting to do it.>

Being a lifelong cynic, I tend to focus on the obstacles. So here I'll list them here for you.

1) As far as I know, Rockford is at least an hour away from any type of seminary program that doesn't focus exclusively on preparing/equipping ordained ministers.

2) I don't have any denominational ties and my current theology is varied enough where both "conservative" and "liberal" seminaries each have their problems for me.

As Thomas and I were discussing last night...if this is supposed to happen NOW would be the time to do it (or at least start part-time) before/if were have children.
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I'm two-thirds of the way through it (in preparation for a book group I'm leading on Tuesday) and I've never hated a book major characters as much as these. Does the book get any better in the last third or is this Oprah pick the most overrated book ever?
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For the latest in coverage of the NIU shootings, go here.

Snow day!

Feb. 6th, 2008 07:27 am
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Anyone else get today off?
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Rockford makes Rolling Stone. For something other than Cheap Trick.


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