Mar. 23rd, 2008

blistermoth: (palm sunday)
Or will be soon depending where you are.

I really should post here more often. I enjoy the community here.

Now for a bit of a bombshell.

I've been pondering seminary/divinity school off and on for close to 15 years. I'm being led by God seek some wise counsel about how/if to go about it.

At this time, I seriously doubt I want to be ordained. Being ordained seemed like a good idea say 15 years ago but I've never felt a serious leading towards ordained ministry. (mostly because I realize how hard it is!)

I think my main reason is that my big professional/personal dream is to be a theological librarian and it would make it a whole lot easier if I had a seminary/divinity school degree. A lesser reason is that I need to focus my reading and need the accountability and structure of a classroom setting to do it.>

Being a lifelong cynic, I tend to focus on the obstacles. So here I'll list them here for you.

1) As far as I know, Rockford is at least an hour away from any type of seminary program that doesn't focus exclusively on preparing/equipping ordained ministers.

2) I don't have any denominational ties and my current theology is varied enough where both "conservative" and "liberal" seminaries each have their problems for me.

As Thomas and I were discussing last night...if this is supposed to happen NOW would be the time to do it (or at least start part-time) before/if were have children.


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